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4 generations of girls

Making time for health does not need to be complicated.  You don’t have to count calories or spend several hours each day in the gym.  You don’t have to feel guilty for not doing things perfectly.  You don’t have to ignore your body signals so that you can follow a program someone else created that worked for their body.  In fact, if you are doing any of these things, please stop!  Start with the basics and then strive to steadily improve each day.  None of us will ever arrive at the perfect level of health.  Our bodies are constantly changing and will need different things at different times in our lives.  But don’t worry, the process of learning how to care for our body can be very rewarding!  Anything worthwhile takes effort.  Investing time and energy in your health, is an opportunity to really enjoy the life you want!

In the some of the following posts on this blog you can read suggestions to improve health.  Each health post is designed to promote ideas that can steadily improve four fundamental behaviors we do everyday: connect, rest, nourish and move.

As you progress on your life continuum, don’t allow yourself to be satisfied with mediocre.  Coasting without effort is not an option when it comes to health.  Either you are progressing or digressing.  You are either healing or breaking down.  You are either getting stronger or weaker. Don’t fool yourself that you can connect, rest, nourish and move in a mindless way and continue to progress.  Plenty of people have been complacent about their healthy living habits.  It is easy to see that when we are not thoughtful and intentional in our behaviors our body, mind, and spirit will steadily decline.

Optimal health can look different for different people.  We all have our own journey in life.  I believe that by focusing on the fundamentals of health we can all achieve our own unique optimal health.  Although on the outside, the picture of health may look different for different people, on the inside optimal health can bring balance, peace, and joy.

Optimal health can be achieved in many ways.  This website offers tools that may help you.  If you have other tools that work for you, please share them by commenting below the post.  My hope is that we can all learn from each other and figure out what we individually need.  If you are interested in joining an online weekly health education and support class please email me ( and we will find a class time that works for you.  Support from the group can be a great way to stay accountable, as well as, get the support and education you need to accomplish your goals.

Whatever you choose to do, pay attention to the messages your body is sending you.  Too many people try to cover up or ignore these messages.  Can you image what would happen if you ignored the check engine oil light on your car?  You may get away with it for a while, but eventually you would have major problems.  Like your car, your body needs to be cared for and warning signals need attention.  Finding the root of the problem to each warning signal can help you have better success understanding those signals in the future.  Be grateful your body sends you messages so that you can learn what you need.

Good luck on your journey to healthy living!

Goal for today: Connect with your body and write down signals that your body is giving you.

Questions to ponder: What do you think your body needs?  Do you think we do a good job of teaching our children to listen to their body through our example?  What obstacles make it difficult for us to listen to our body and give it what it needs?



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