Perfectionism: How Does it Affect Quality of Life?


Perfectionism is a growing trend in our culture that leads to feelings of depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.  In this podcast, I interview Christine Keyser licensed clinical mental health counselor on the topic of perfectionism.  Christine offers tools to help us all individually put a stop to the demeaning perfectionist mentality.  Christine teaches us to simply focus on doing our best.  The comparison chart below helps identify the difference between doing your best and perfectionism.  Many of our behaviors can look the same on the outside, but feel very different on the inside.  Perfectionism thinking adds to our daily stress.  Chronic stress related to how we think and perceive the world can have damaging effects on our health, can consume our limited resource of energy, and can prevent us from enjoying the simple things of life.  By using these tools, we can all experience more joy on our journey and minimize our obsession with the small percentage of things that will never be perfect.  Christine works at Life Stone Counseling Center in Midvale, Utah and can be seen for individual or family counseling by calling 801-984-1717.


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  1. Thanks Kim! I love listening to your podcasts. The discussions provide relevant, practical, and educational material that is so helpful. After listening, I always feel motivated and inspired. Please don’t stop!!

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