Family: What Things are Worth Fighting For? Episode 4


In this podcast I interview Lisa Saunders who explains that often its the small and simple things we do that have the most powerful affect on our lives.  In today’s world, there are so many demands and distractions for our time, energy, and attention.  In order to establish healthy patterns of living and have deep meaningful relationships, we need to fight for time to do the small and simple things like having  family dinner together and going to bed at the same time as our spouse.  We can not draw water from an empty well.  In order for us to have the capacity to nourish our relationships in a healthy way, we need to take care of ourselves so that we can be healthy, focused on things that matter most and capable of managing life’s challenges.   Lisa shares with us some of the things that help her stay balanced.  Lisa’s natural capacity to share and connect with others helps her deliver a message that we can all relate with.   Lisa helps us all realize that even though sometimes its challenging to fight for the small and simple things, those are exactly the things we should be fighting for!

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